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What should I do If my Sprinkler System Is Leaking Water?

A: Most properties have a sprinkler system shut off valve. Usually this is located in the front yard near the

street or near the front door. Shut this valve down and call Valleyscape.

If you need assistance shutting the water off we 

have a youtube video that walks you thru the process.   

​What Should I do if I have a Constant Wet Spot In My Yard?

A: In most cases a constant wet spot in your Temecula or Murrieta yard will indicate some sort of irrigation or plumbing leak. At Valleyscape we have years of experience in locating leaks even ones underground. 

What Products Do We Use? 

A: As repair professionals in Temecula and Murrieta we know what products will withstand years of use. We feature products that we know will last for years. That being said we Feature Rachio Smart Controllers, Rain Bird and Hunter products. In addition all our products come with a replacement warranty.

We Install Rain Bird and Hunter irrigation products.

We prefer to use high quality low voltage landscape lights. We feature Vista, FX Luminaire. 

What does it cost to have you repair my sprinkler system?

A: Valleyscape provides estimates for repairs needed in Murrieta and Temecula Ca. We charge based on the repairs necessary, we do not charge by the hour. We charge per item replaced and labor is included. Please call us for up to date pricing on valve repair, controller replacement or sprinkler repair. 

Do You Provide Any Discounts?

A: Valleyscape has always made it a goal to provide Irrigation repair or rehabilition services at a fair price. We provide quantity discounts. As an example the more sprinkler valves that are replaced the cost per sprinkler valve replacement goes down.

Can Valleyscape Help Me To Conserve Water?

A: At Valleyscape we pride ourselves in helping our customers save water. Studies have shown that up to 60% of water usage is outdoors. Valleyscape has the knowledge and experience to help You save water and keep your lawn green and lush. We practice simple water saving principles in all our projects and use the latest conservation sprinkler parts.

Do You Install Drip Systems?

A: Valleyscape can help you water your plants and shrubs using a drip system. We install point source drip irrigation and we would be happy to provide you an estimate. This is one great way to save water.

Why Should I Hire Valleyscape?

A; As experienced Irrigation repair professionals in Murrieta and Temecula Ca. Valleyscape has the know how to repair your system properly. We have repaired thousands of sprinkler valves and controllers. We know how to do repairs right the first time. Please call us, you will be glad you did.